How To Be Unfuckable With — Eric Schleien

Wasted Energy

I used to spend so much of my time and energy trying to come off a certain way for people, trying to convince people that I was a certain way. Lots and lots of energy for ZERO results. And of course, all while feeling like garbage inside for not being true to my self. Not my identity but my actual fucking Self (capital S).

Focus On Your Mission

My life is committed to expanding freedom on the planet for ALL people, no one left out. It’s really that fucking simple. Every action I take in my life is to contribute, to love, and to make a difference and forward one’s experience of themselves. And at the end of the day, that is ALL I can control.


I can go above and beyond to be generous, kind, loving, caring, compassionate, and unwavering to the bone and there will STILL be people who think I am arrogant, unkind, selfish, narcissistic, mean, a liar, not caring, etc

Be Great

Now go play…be great…and stop giving a fuck what people think. Focus on being awesome, having insanely high standards for yourself. Build character. Create tons of value. I highly recommend the TED talk on greatness.



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