Phase 3 | Day 8–75Hard

Eric Schleien
2 min readJul 10, 2021


Today is Day 8of Phase of Andy Frisella’s 75Hard / LiveHard program. If you don’t know what Phase entails, please see my first post about the program, here.

Update From Last Night — The $100 Tip

Had a date last night at The Machine Shed Restaurant in Urbandale, Iowa. Gave the waitress a $100 tip on a $50 meal. I was going to walk out but while I was in the gift shop, she taps me on the shoulder and finds me and she is in tears and thanks me. Clearly that money is going to good use. She was such a sweet woman and I intuitively felt it would make an impact on her.

My 45 Minute Workouts

For my first workout, I went for a 45 minute walk in a HyVee parking lot. For my second workout, I took Peanut for a 45 minute walk.

Eric Schleien taking Peanut for a walk

The Random Act of Kindness

For my random act of kindness, I’m creating a nice spread and treating a friend to Kava and lots of healthy snacks before I leave Iowa.

For my talking to a stranger, I spent some time talking to a woman named Tori at the dog park and Peanut played with her dog Patience. We spoke for about a half hour.

Other Observations

The 8 critical tasks land different this time around than during Phase 1. Even today, I’m at Porch Light Coffee and I find my mind saying I’ll get to a few items later. However, NOT doing those items would have made my day harder so I just said fuck it and did it. Felt amazing and would not have done that without the 8 critical tasks in the background.



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