The History Of Ontological Coaching

Eric Schleien
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Ontological coaching is a coaching approach that focuses on helping individuals develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships with others. This type of coaching is based on the belief that an individual’s beliefs, values, and assumptions shape their reality and determine their behavior.

The Origins Of Ontological Coaching

The origins of ontological coaching can be traced back to the work of philosophers such as Aristotle and Plato, who believed that self-awareness and self-reflection were essential for achieving personal growth and fulfillment. However, it was not until the late 20th century that ontological coaching emerged as a distinct approach.

Werner Erhard

One of the pioneers of ontological coaching was a man named Werner Erhard, who developed a program called the est Training (Erhard Seminars Training) in the 1970s. The est Training was a transformative program that aimed to help individuals develop a greater understanding of themselves and their potential.

Fernando Flores

In the 1980s, another pioneer named Fernando Flores developed the concepts of ontological coaching further. Flores, who was a student of Erhard’s work, believed that individuals could achieve greater personal and professional success by developing a deeper understanding of their beliefs, values, and assumptions.

Ontological Coaching Today

Today, ontological coaching is a well-established approach that is used by coaches around the world. It is often used to help individuals overcome personal and professional challenges, develop greater self-awareness, and improve their relationships with others.

Overall, the history of ontological coaching is rich and fascinating, and it continues to evolve as new insights and techniques are developed. Whether you are a coach or an individual seeking personal growth, it is well worth learning more about this approach and how it can help you achieve your goals.

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